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Car Boot Sale
 Rosudgeon Car Boot Sale, every Wednesday, April - October from 10 AM
The Rosudgeon Car Boot has been running since the late 1980s. At the height of the summer season there can be upwards of 400 sellers, both new goods from traders and traditional second hand and bric a brac from the booters. As the season progresses we will be updating the pages with a few familiar faces of regulars.
Typically, some diehard sellers arrive from as early as 7 am to queue for a pitch, the cricket field being split in half to accommodate their parking. At busy times sellers pitch in the parking area as the queue reduces.
The boot sale officially starts at 10 AM to 3PM every Wednesday from April to October, queue from 0700h
Buyers attend & park for free.  Latest prices for sellers are as follows (from July 9th 2014):
Cars (Front/Back on)
Cars/small vans(sideways on) £10.00
Cars with small trailer.
Cars with larger trailer. £15.00
Small vans e.g, Connect, Berlingo, (front/back on)
Larger Vans, e.g., Transit, Sprinter. £15.00
Traders & *Catering queue* (Optional) £30.00
Larger vehicles with or without trailer. Negotiable.
*Trader & catering queue allows for earlier entry.*
*Note:  ALL *catering* charged at £30.00

All are welcome at our boot sale, we do not tolerate bad behaviour between buyers & buyers, sellers & sellers, or any combination, and especially abusive and insulting behaviour towards our stewards who are all volunteers.

The selling of counterfeit goods, e.g., CDs, DVDs, clothing, and/or offensive weapons, etc., is actively prohibited, and offenders will be reported to Trading Standards.

Take advantage of the Social Club on the day for meals, drinks and refreshments, click the social club link above.

Dumping of rubbish, as this is a very sensitive issue we have given the subject its own page HERE.